Know Your Coffee

Bulago 5900

This Arabica coffee is specially sourced and roasted by CAFE PAP for you directly from a few select women farmer groups who grow the coffee using environmentally sustainable production practices in the ecological zone above 1800m on Mt. Elgon.

This zone represents a myriad of micro climates and is also the host to the wonder Sisiyi River which meanders underground at various points before plunging onto the Sisiyi Cliff to form the famous Sisiyi Falls. These are the features that make Bulago 5900 special and exotic.

Suggested Use

We use medium or fine grind to suit most coffee makers. As a guide, use one rounded table spoonful per cup. This can be adjusted to suit your strength. For plunger method, put one heaped table spoon of coffee powder, add freshly boiled water, allow to stand for 3-4 minutes and gently press the plunger.

For full enjoyment of the flavour serve immediately. Never boil, warm or leave standing on the brewer warmer for more than 30 minutes.