More Than Just...

More Than Just…

The Capital of Happiness is not about to let you settle for just a casual product. We have left no stone unturned with regard to new hand crafted and hand licking dishes that will leave your tongue waggling and wanting more. Based on extensive research, consultation, experiment and careful study of our customer needs, we have made our customers’ health the first priority in our main dishes because we agree with you that your health is the greatest wealth that we both share for now and the future.

Quality of both our product and service is the ultimate value that we watch 24/7 as the cornerstone of our business.

Customer service and care is in our DNA as we aim at crowning our customers every day.

Integrity is a non-negotiable and not compromised because it underlines our business model.

Relationship with our customers is our daily on sight construction that we build it every single minute.

Cafe Pap as a coffee shop has one of the most unique missions in the city, “Glorifying God” and believes that its existence is not about being in a business of coffee serving people but a business of people serving differentiated espresso coffees and other freshly made products.

Pass by and fresh buy!